For Candidates: Agent Rain’s Privacy, Abuse and Op Out Policy

The job notification email you may have received was emailed specifically to you because you indicated through private or public employment websites, newsgroups and/or other electronic means that you wished to receive notification from interested employers with available positions for which they feel you are qualified to apply. This employer has asked Agent Rain to obtain matching resumes from these sources and pre-qualify prospective candidates based on information contained in their resume. The service we provide to the employer is for the express purpose of contacting candidates for employment purposes only.

The email you received is solely intended to inform you of potential employment opportunities that you may find of interest. Both Agent Rain and the employers we work with sincerely apologize if you feel that you have wrongly received this email or feel the position being offered is one in which you are not interested in or qualified for. Due to the vast amount of resumes available on the internet, it is unmanageable for most employment firms to manually contact the countless number of candidates available for the many positions they are working on. Email is the most effective and practical solution for firms such as Agent Rain to be able to reach out to the mass of viable job candidates. We appreciate that some candidates do not prefer to receive job notifications through email, and would rather be contacted by phone and consider email correspondence such as the one you received to be nothing more than “spam”. We again apologize if our email has for any reason irritated you and encourage you to ask to be removed from our database.

Agent Rain strictly enforces the requirements of the Federal CAN-SPAM Act and will promptly honor any removal requests. Please note that we are only able to remove specific email addresses from our database, not the individual owner of the address. If you have multiple email addresses that you use for posting resumes and for other job seeking purposes, please include them in your removal request. By asking to be removed from our candidate database you will no longer get notifications for any of the positions we are looking to fill now or in the future.

The simplest way to be removed from the Agent Rain database is by replying to the email you received from us with the word “Remove” in the subject line. Alternatively, you could email and provide us with the address or addresses to be removed. Requests are typically processed within the hour we receive them, but never later than 48 hours and well the ten day allowance afforded by CAN- SPAM.

Lastly, it is Agent Rain’s policy to strictly enforce any abuse of our service. If you have been emailed by Agent Rain or an employer we represent on a matter not related to employment, please contact us at our Customer Service email so we can investigate the matter. Please provide us with full details of the violation and include copies of the correspondence if possible. The emails you receive through the Agent Rain servers will always be regarding an open job position in your area. You should never receive any solicitation attempting to sell a product or service. By reporting abuse of our policies you will be helping us help maintain the integrity of our service as well as internet employment practices as a whole.

Agent Rain is located at PO BOX 503 Leverett, MA 01054. Customer Service phone is: (503) 307-0124.

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