Sales Managers and Human Resource Professionals

A properly executed sourcing solution is simply the best and most cost-effective way to maintain an endless flow of candidates. Every day Agent Rain will be working around the clock to ensure that interested candidates can get a hold of you first!

Recruiting Services – Permanent Job Openings

If your hire on a continual position for one or more positions that provide a base pay, YOU WILL save time and money by letting Agent Rain go to work for you. For one monthly fee, we will conduct an around the clock campaign that will provide you with a downpour of qualified and screened candidates who have been informed about your position and are interested in talking to you. Cancel that expensive newspaper ad that just has the phone ringing with unqualified job seekers.

One Cost Effective Solution to handle all of your recruiting needs.

Rate: Campaigns begin as low as $200 for positions with under a $75,000 starting salary.

Executive Candidate Sourcing

Agent Rain has the resources in a wide array of industries to help find the right candidate for that hard to fill position. Our rates are far below the exorbitant costs associated with traditional head hunters. Call now to now discuss with us how we might be able to help.

When It Rains, It Pours!

  • No More Database Subscription Fees
  • No More Online Job Postings
  • No More Classified Ads
  • No More Job Fairs
  • No More calling on cold candidates
  • One Cost Effective Solution to eliminate all your recruiting needs